Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma



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Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma The threat from China continues to be a concern for India. Keeping this in mind, India's Armed Forces are reportedly planning a massive weapons upgrade. "Made in India" weapons are also a top priority in this list. What is New Delhi's gameplan? Palki Sharma decodes - India | Armed Forces | Weapons | Ukraine War | Defences | Firstpost | World News | Vantage | Palki Sharma #india #armedforces #weapons #ukrainewar #defences #firstpost #vantageonfirstpost #palkisharma #worldnews Vantage is a ground-breaking news, opinions, and current affairs show from Firstpost. Catering to a global audience, Vantage covers the biggest news stories from a 360-degree perspective, giving viewers a chance to assess the impact of world events through a uniquely Indian lens. The show is anchored by Palki Sharma, Managing Editor, Firstpost. By breaking stereotypes, Vantage aims to challenge conventional wisdom and present an alternative view on global affairs, defying the norm and opening the door to new perspectives. The show goes beyond the headlines to uncover the hidden stories – making Vantage a destination for thought-provoking ideas. Vantage airs Monday to Friday at 9 PM IST on Firstpost across all leading platforms. ​ Subscribe to Firstpost channel and press the bell icon to get notified when we go live. 🤍🤍🤍Firstpost Follow Firstpost on Instagram: 🤍🤍 Follow Firstpost on Facebook: 🤍🤍 Follow Firstpost on Twitter: 🤍

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Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma
Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma
Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma
Amid China Threat, How India Aims to Beef Up its Defences | Vantage with Palki Sharma
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Bhaskara Nand
2023-09-24 21:33:43

Nice Presentation

Jaskaran Singh
2023-09-24 06:31:23

Hi mam good morning protect your right before independent to till but not press others india work with choot policy it works have a nice day mam

Geok Eng Burton
2023-09-24 06:10:13

China threats oh dear , you are again in your disillusionment. Stop chasing your imaging ghost. Sad .

teck chuon Ting
2023-09-23 07:14:17

Delusions like this is India’s biggest threat, not China, palki

Kerlang sten Kerlang sten
2023-09-22 12:17:53

China is a dragon but dragon dont know how to fight virus it will die by itself.

Siddhaarthan RG
2023-09-22 04:48:37

I think our country should not give real numbers of our weapons out in the public.

Siddhaarthan RG
2023-09-22 04:45:43

Whats more important than buying new varieties of weapons we need to emphasize on ammunition manufacturing

Jarrod Yuki
2023-09-22 03:10:39

china will cut siliguri!!!!!!!!!!!!! and split assam with myanmar.

2023-09-21 08:14:16

Support all the independent movements in India from Canada, Khalistan, Tamil, kashmir, Assam, Sikkim, Kerala, Bengale.... To independence.

Fahim Qadar
2023-09-19 21:26:15

As If the last beating from chaina was not enough for India....70% of Indians live below poverty level and this nutcase moodi is investing money for wars

2023-09-19 16:23:50

Buy more American defense weapons 🇺🇸

DrJagjit Singh
2023-09-19 15:32:13

Very good phulki
Do it hurriedly
So that dragon will fuck u fast

2023-09-19 14:09:31

MS Palki always talked bad about China out of jealousy / Always boast about india becoming superpower dream where in trade year in and year out in deficit/ Please no more boasting about India superpower and wanting to compared to China as you are caught now admitting the true facts. Shame on you for unethical and immoral reporting. Read link here #superpower #india #economy
India is now the world’s most populous country and its fifth largest economy. By the end of the decade, it is projected to be the third largest, behind only China and the USA. It has a vast youth population while its GDP growth outstrips other top ten economies. Its geopolitical importance is also growing amid a rapidly changing global order.

India now has ambitions to become a global economic superpower. But there are serious question marks. It remains an extremely poor country, with major inequalities from female labor force participation to education. Other issues such as ethnic tensions, democratic decline and environmental damage are fraying the fabric of the Indian #superpower #india #economy

980ssb Bearcat
2023-09-19 13:44:29

Sorry, we are not interested in your constant China news at this moment. Please cover your country India's involvement in the killing of Sikh Leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar in BC Canada.

Norman King
2023-09-19 13:32:00

Put Sanctions on India for killing a Canadian citizen

A Bajaj
2023-09-19 12:01:51

Is agniveer part of the new strategy…..

2023-09-19 10:16:43

No wonder Indian defence stocks are at all time high

Edward Pi
2023-09-19 09:57:43

Sikh Republic! Assam Republic! 😅😊 people are finally free.

Level1 Selamat1
2023-09-19 09:53:11

A waste of money and your poor and desolate

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