Flooding, Famine, and Football & Weekend Observations | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz



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We begin by discussing the injury to OBJ and if people are actively rooting against Deion Sanders and the Colorado Buffaloes. Then a new segment idea gets workshopped with Dan titled 'Flooding, Famine, and Football' before Stugotz shares his weekend observations. ✅ Follow & Subscribe to Our Podcasts on Spotify & Apple Podcasts ✅ 🔊 The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz 🔊 🟢 Spotify: 🤍open.spotify.com/show/2FuorRy... 🟣 Apple Podcast: 🤍podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... 🔊 Le Batard & Friends Network 🔊 🟢 Spotify: 🤍open.spotify.com/show/2ZYllDN... 🟣 Apple Podcast: 🤍podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... 🔊 Mystery Crate 🔊 🟢 Spotify: 🤍open.spotify.com/show/6nCctQZ... 🟣 Apple Podcast: 🤍podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast... ✅ Follow Us On Social! ✅ ☑️ The LeBatard Show on Twitter: 🤍twitter.com/lebatardshow ☑️ 📸 The LeBatard Show on Instagram: 🤍instagram.com/lebatardshow 📸 💥 The LeBatard Show on TikTok: 🤍🤍tiktok.com/🤍lebatardshow 💥 🪄 The LeBatard Show on Twitch: 🤍🤍twitch.tv/lebatardandfriends 🪄 ✅ Subscribe! ✅ 💻 🤍🤍youtube.com/channel/UCAIZ... 🤑 MERCH! 🤑 : 🤍lebatardaf.com/ The Best Daily Sports Podcast on the Internet #lebatardshow #lebatard #thepirateship #sports #betting #sportsbetting #live #stugotz #danlebatard

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Flooding, Famine, and Football & Weekend Observations | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
Flooding, Famine, and Football & Weekend Observations | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
Flooding, Famine, and Football & Weekend Observations | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
Flooding, Famine, and Football & Weekend Observations | The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz
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Delvon Hall
2023-09-20 08:38:25

Question. If (and I mean if) they beat Oregon and USC, what will be the narrative then? As a canes fan, I am rooting for them to do well. It is going to be hard though.

Tim Brown
2023-09-20 03:45:45

Dan u are so obnoxious and overbearing. You are the white Stephen A

2023-09-19 18:29:32

Jess sat like a black woman at the end( I’m black I can say it lol)

2023-09-19 15:21:20

Funny how nobody wants to remember how Dan let the whole crew yuck it up and hate on Deion and Colorado after week one. Now that being that open and happy about it will get them looked at crazy, they wanna be quiet and act like they weren't showin they ass.

Al Crawford
2023-09-19 13:36:21

Yalll did that, it was called Amin and Izzy and when Dan tried to cover it nobody wanted to discuss it.

2023-09-19 11:13:34

fNk_gdRmwsE&t=34m58s 34:58 we love Stu's honesty. 😂😂😂

2023-09-19 11:02:24

fNk_gdRmwsE&t=24m48s 24:48 😂😂😂😂

Berry Lee
2023-09-19 10:38:05

People like deion. Dan wants to make everything racial. What a hack

Spanky 2
2023-09-19 09:00:50

Man this walking bucket of butter blabbers without knowing much.

2023-09-19 08:58:52

Chris Cote = Ass On

2023-09-19 07:56:46

Hey everybody, what was the funniest thing from the sports weekend?

Patrick Carpenter
2023-09-19 05:23:18

you can not like deion without being racist. thinking that not liking deion is indication that you are racist is actually jumping to lazy conclusions.

Deion S
2023-09-19 03:57:35

As a fellow Deion, you always need one in your life.

Trent Stanley
2023-09-19 03:46:04

If one could capture voices & laughter,,Stugotz voice & laugh should be kept in the Smithsonian !! It makes me feel like a very happy dog with mass quantities of his favorite treats & toys,,imean lol I get into earhole pleasure overload listening to the voice & laugh of the Gotz !!!

2023-09-18 23:47:10

Deion doesn't get the time because he's opted to make himself and his players targets. If he loses the next 2 games, he doesn't also get the benefit of needing time to build the program.

Everett Strong
2023-09-18 23:38:02

"We live in a racist country..."

Zach Mass
2023-09-18 23:07:33

I’m tired of Dan talking about Deion so much. Yes it’s a big story, But damn it doesn’t need to dominate multiple segments.

2023-09-18 22:50:32

I literally only watch this show to hear Stu cracking up 😊

Robin Dickenson
2023-09-18 22:20:58

Deion & his kids aren’t being celebrated. Yes some people want him to succeed but most want him to fall when he’s already won. No one thought this team could win against TCU & when they do now TCU isn’t as good? Really, there is an excuse every time his team wins & no one gives the quarterback credit but we praise Tom Brady when his team is down & comes back to win in 2min. A college kid going 98yrds down the field with game on line is a big deal. It does show resilience & mental ability to perform under pressure. When you’re great everyone wants to see you fall when they could never do half of what you have accomplished. The same as everyone would love to see something in the news negative about LeBron so they can prove he’s not amazing! Jealousy is world we live

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